5 Hacks To Blend Hair Extensions

5 Hacks To Blend Hair Extensions

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When it comes to changing up your style, clip-in natural hair extensions are a practical option to consider. Given the fact that they are not glued or sewn into your hair, you do not need to stick to a specific style for many months at a time. The product is an excellent alternative if you are searching for a fast pick-me-up to improve your appearance for special occasions or special events.


They are very simple to use since all that is required is that you clip them into position. Once you've mastered the art of hiding the clips behind your natural hair strands, you'll be able to easily transition in and out of wefts as required. With these advantages in mind, it's no surprise that clip-ins are becoming more popular.


You could try these five to get the most out of your extensions

1.   Combine various hair colours

Finding the appropriate color of hair extensions for your hair may be challenging. This is particularly true for those with hair that is in between two tones or has multi-tonal highlighting. If you want to get the desired appearance, you may choose the two nearest colors but also combine them together to give depth to your hair.

2.   Comb your roots backwards for added hold

Take a teasing comb gently comb up and down along the roots of your hair. If you already have thin or fine hair, a boar bristle brush significantly improves the way clip-in extensions adhere to the roots of your hair. Similarly, utilizing dry shampoo may offer the necessary texture!

3.   Tilt your clips to create a mixing effect

While blending extensions into layered hair may be challenging, with experience, you can discover the ideal areas and angles for your extensions. We strongly advise you to angle the wefts gently upward on your face, as this will aid in creating a layered appearance.

4.   Increase the number of wefts by two

If you purchased a set of hair extensions that has more wefts than you need, you may still use all of them by layering them. This is a particularly typical method for those with fine hair or those who wear their hair in a half-moon shape.

5.   Reattach the bottom portion

If your hair is short or blunt, twist and pin a little part at the nape of your neck. This might help to disguise your reduced length and provide a more seamless appearance. Additionally, clip-in hair extensions are low-maintenance; all you have to do is brush them out frequently to avoid tangles and store them when not in use. At the same time, keep in mind that they will need to be cleaned around every five to ten usage to remove any residue that has accumulated over time.


Once you've mastered the art of choosing and clipping in hair extensions, you can begin styling them in a variety of ways. They may endure for many years with proper upkeep. We advocate investing in high-quality extensions to ensure that your investment is maximised. Bear in mind that although less costly extensions may seem enticing, they may wear out quicker and will lack the lustre and form retention of their more providing the best quality.

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