About us

Wigs & Hair Extensions can be expensive; however, by taking good care of them you can maintain their fabulousness and make them last longer. 

At Emtress Hair, a New York based company, we aim to offer quality products to help you care for your wigs and hair extensions.

One of the best ways to care for your wigs and hair extensions is to properly store your hair.

Our hair extensions and wig storage bags are made with care. We have greatly minimized the use of plastic which can be bad for hair over time, and trap odors. Instead, we have maximized the use of soft satin fabrics to protect your wig or hair extensions.

As you know, hair experts recommend satin because it reduces friction and static and helps keep hair strands smooth. With an Emtress satin bag, you can discreetly store your wigs and hair extensions by hanging them in your closet or behind a door. They will look beautiful wherever you decide.

In addition to our bags, we have a great selection of  wig and extension products and accessories to help you style and maintain your tresses.