How To Prepare Wigs for Storage to Avoid Tangles, Frizz, And Smells

How To Prepare Wigs for Storage to Avoid Tangles, Frizz, And Smells

Shampoo And Conditioner:

Cleansing your wig before storing ensures it will look fresh when you pick it out from storage. Because it will remove oil and any products’ build-up from the wig. For human hair wigs, the use of clarifying shampoo is suggested. On the other hand, for synthetic wigs, wig-safe shampoo is best. Choose accordingly.

Never skip conditioning. As wigs do not have natural oils, so it needs conditioner to look nourished.

Dry And Detangle It Completely and Style It:

Never store your wig when wet or even slightly damp, otherwise, it will develop a musty smell.

Detangling is crucial before storing the wig, otherwise, tangles will become severe knots that are not easy to undo, and you may need to cut that hair. In short, it damages your wig.

For a straight hair wig, you can detangle the wig after it is dry. But for a textured hair wig, you must apply your favorite detangling product and detangle it with a wide-tooth comb when the wig is wet.

Try to make a hairstyle on the wig as it was when you first received it. It will keep the wig in shape and will be hassle-free when you wear and style it next time

Easy Ways to Store Your Wig Accurately to Maintain Its Shine, Fresh Look, And for Its Longevity:

Whatever type of wig you have or what method you choose to store your wig, make sure to store it in a cool and dry place. Because sunlight and heat will fade your wig color and damage the hair fiber. So, storing the wig in a cool and dry place will ensure its longevity.

For this reason, your closet is the best option to store wigs. Not only does it protect wigs from heat and sunlight but also keeps them out of reach from children and pets.


A bag is always the easy and most secure option to store your wig. But every bag material is not ideal for the wig. Only satin and silk bags are best to keep the wig detangled and frizz-free. Other types of fabric material used in bags cause friction that develops frizz and knots, and the wig will lose shine.

Just have a silk or satin bag, and put the upper wig area in the bag first then fold the remaining wig which is out of the bag and place gently in the bag. Do not stuff the wig in the bag.

Your wig will remain perfectly safe in the bag as no dirt can reach your wig.


A box is also another easy option to store your wig. People present the shoe box as a quick hack to store a wig. But your wig is not secure from dirt that gets extreme from time to time and also the wig gets frizzy.

The box could help you retain the wig’s shape and style and putting the wig in a satin or silk bag first before placing the wig in a shoebox is an excellent choice. Moreover, it is a more economical option than a wig box. This method will help you if you are traveling with your wig.

Wig Hanger:

Wig hanger is a space saver solution and a clever choice to store wig for a day or two. But it is not a friendly solution to store wigs for a longer period of time. As dirt can reach your wig easily and make it dull or may get squished between the stuff in the closet.

Mannequin Head or Wig Stand:

It’s a safe option to keep your wig shape intact. But here are saver tips for you. After placing the wig on a mannequin head or wig stand, cover the wig with satin or silk bag on it while keeping its opening downward.

Bottom Line:

Storing the wig properly will secure your investment and save time when you pick your wig to wear. It will retain your wig fresh-looking, nourished, and lasts longer. Among all options, we found using satin and silk bags a tremendous option.

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